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Co Dublin, Ireland

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From: jmwalsh.financial.advice***gmail.com
Hi I have trace my Cullen line to a James Cullen 1750 –1834 married to Mary Mealy/Possibly O'Malley. They lived in Rush County Dublin. Children were James, John, Patrick, Nicholas Mary,Bridget. If he shows up in anyones family tree ... drop me a mail.

From: jr.cullen***gmail.com ( see also previous post below )
A few years ago I sent a note looking for my ancestors in Ireland (County Dublin), from prosalud***netline. There were some mistakes and now I have more information, so welcome change to the following note:

" I need any information about Robert Cullen (gr-grandfather), living second half of the 19th Century in Dublin (7 Greenville Terrace, South Circular Road). Robert was Assistant Curator Pathological Museum TCD (Trinity College Dublin). Married Catherine Delaney, and parents of Robert Cullen Delaney (my grandfather), who was born on February 17th., 1885. Robert Cullen Delaney emigrated to Argentina (first arriving to Sandy Point in Chile, and later settled in Rio Gallegos, Argentina) on board the ship Oriana, leaving Liverpool on December 16th., 1908. My grandfather had at least two brothers: Joe (Joseph), who emigrated to Louisiana, USA, around last years of the 19th. century, or most probably at begining 20th. century. I’ve no other details about his life. The other brother, Patrick, born about 1897, had to leave Ireland due to be pursued by the English army as it was an IRA member. He left Liverpool on 08 July 1920, at the age of 23 years, aboard the ship Orduna, and shelter with my grandfather in Rio Gallegos. Later he went to Louisiana to see the other brother, and finally return to the Republic of Ireland.

My grandfather also had at least one sister who joined a religious order and remained until about twenty years ago in a convent in Liverpool. It is almost certainly already dead. My grandfather was married in Rio Gallegos with Lavinia Cox, daughter of an administrator of the coal mines in Chile, which had been recruited in Wales. Robert Cullen Delaney, my grandfather, married and with three children (two men and a girl, all between five and ten years old at that time) had to leave Argentina for health problems, and headed to California to settle there, but the ship that they moved made a landfall in Chile, and they decided to stay in this country.

Any information regarding siblings of my grandfather and my great grandfather and other ancestors would be very grateful.": Thank you very much.

From: prosalud***netline.cl
I'm looking for my Irish Ancestors. And I need any information about Robert Cullen (gr-grandfather), living second half of the 19th Century in Dublin (7 Greenville Terrace, South Circular Road). Robert was Assistant Curator Pathological Museum TCD (Trinity College Dublin?). Married Catherine Delaney, and parents of Robert Cullen (my grandfather), who was born on February 17th., 1885, and emigrated to Argentina after World War I.

(About my gr-grandfather, someone told me that, once in London, he was confused with 'Jack the Ripper', because a bag he carry, with some Surgical Instruments, related with his job.)

I've obtained a detailed story about the Cullens in Argentina. They began with Domingo Cullen. And like you say, they became a strong political and social influence. In November 1997, I went Buenos Aires and met Matias Cullen, one of the youngest members of that line.

But my line, in South America, begins with my grandfather, Robert Cullen, who arrived Argentina after WW1 (he was fighting in Europe, and when discharged, came to Argentina). After married Lavinia Cox (born in Argentina, Province of Chubut, in the middle of the Welsh Colony living there), and having three children (one of them, my father), they came to Chile.

From: cadr***frontiernet.net
Hello. I am trying to find my Great grandfather John Patrick Cullen who was born ca 1844 in Ireland , died in 1912 and came to the United States in the 1850s. His mother was Mary O'Brien, and he took the name of his mother after coming to this country. It has been suggested that John was named after his father, but this has never been verified.

John was said to have attended Trinity University prior to coming to the USA. He was supposed to have been in training as a Priest. There is also a story that he came with his brother, who died shortly after arriving in this country. My father believed other family members came to this country, including two sisters who were nuns in New York. My father also believed John had an uncle in Buffalo. It is unclear if John's father came here from Ireland. Any information is much appreciated in finding my family. Regards, Cheri Reynolds

From: clare23911***btinternet.com
I'm looking for NICHOLAS CULLEN. I think he was born in 1854. I'm not sure when he came to Liverpool but he was working as a fireman on a ship "Lisbon" which was docked in Liverpool in 1881. He eventually married Hannah (or Anna, depending on where I look) and I'm not entirely sure what her maiden name was. He went on to have several children and lived in Liverpool until he died in 1907/8. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

Clare Sutton, Liverpool ( I'd be his great-great-grandaughter )

From: tedburn***iol.ie
I posted details on your site some years ago. I came upon a posting by de***frontiernet.net. His says that his G G Grandfather was Edward Cullen b 1846 in Kingstown ( now Dun Laoghaire ). I think that Edward was a brother of my G Grandfather, Matthew b 1844, d 1896 in Dublin. Matthew married Fanny Donoghue and had 8 children. One of his sons, my Grandfather, was Patrick. He also had another son called Edward. According to my father Matthew (2'nd) (d); my G Grandfather Matthew (1'st) was a cousin of Cardinal Cullen. There is a mention of Whelans atttending my Grandfather Patrick’s funeral. Very interesting !!
Peter C Cullen
Killiney ( near Dun Laoghaire ), Ireland.

From: de***frontiernet.net
My g-grandfather ( Edward Cullen ) was born in Kingston, Ireland in 1846. His first cousin was Cardinal Paul Cullen and also a Sir Lawrence Murphy ( both of Dublin ). He was a sea captain and moved to Cleveland, Ohio in 1872. His wife was Helen Walters and I believe she was from Wales(?). Other family names are: Brophy, Dowling, Whelan, Mahar, O'Toole, Clowry, Nolan and Leonard. Some of the family moved to Liverpool, Eng. in the mid to late 1800's.

From: gencullen***btinternet.com
Patrick and Mary were my paternal great grandparents who came from Ireland (Dublin?) Here is what I do know. Patrick born about 1827 in Ireland and Mary born about 1831 in Ireland. I know they had the following children, Catherine born c1851 in Ireland. Joseph born c1857 in Ireland. Thomas born 4-10-1858 Nottingham, England. Bridget born 4-1-1861 Dublin, Ireland and Mary born 17-10-1863 London, England.

The estimated birth dates are taken from the 1871 London census where I also learned that Patrick was a Whip Maker by trade.

Sometime before October 1858 Patrick and Mary came to Nottingham where Thomas, my grandfather, was born. Then before January 1861 they were in Dublin, where Bridget was born. Bridget was baptised in St. Catherine's Church, Meath St, Dublin, and was living at 84, Thomas St. Thom's Dublin Directory for 1861 shows that at 80-81, Thomas St, was the business of Anderson and Bailey - Rope, Twine & Whip Manufacturers. As Patrick was a whip maker by trade, could Mary have been related to the Bailey side of this business? By October 1863 they were in London where Mary was born. We know from the London census that Patrick was alive in 1871 and in 1879 when his daughter Bridget was married Patrick was recorded as Deceased. I cannot find when or where Patrick died. His wife Mary died in London in January 1886.

I cannot find the marriage of Patrick and Mary nor can I find the baptism of their children Catherine and Joseph in that part of Dublin where Bridget was baptised. They may well have been living elsewhere in Dublin or Ireland of course. I would love to know more about Patrick and Mary..

From: Stacy.Gorman***gmas.nhs.uk [07Nov2005]
My Nana died last week. She was born in 1933 - name Josephine Cullen.

From: mogs***madcelts.freeserve.co.uk
I am also looking to trace my family of CULLEN. My great grandfather was Alexandra Cullen b.1875 died 1959 married Agnes McDonnell b.1880 died 1956. My grandmother was Lena Cullen b.17JUL1889 died 1939. She married Paddy Harris b.27APR1895 died 1972 and lived at Charlemont Place, Dublin. The Hilton Hotel is now there. She had brothers and sisters: Joesphine, Bridie, Agnes, May twins with Kevin, Achill (Alexandra), Alice , Paddy and Mary. My Grandparents are buried at Glasnevin. They had several children: Agnes, James, Patrick(Anthony), Cyril, Lena, and Eddie (Simmy). I know my grandparents came over to Manchester and they were married there, but went back to Dublin. Any information would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.

From: amelliott007***optushome.com.au
Hi. Looking for any link. My great grandmother was Margaret Cullen, born in Wicklow around 1870. I have been told the family lived in "Oldcourt" St Johns Rd. Apparently her uncle Edward was the Editor of a paper or Magazine called "Irelands Own", sometime in the late 1800s. Any information would be great. I would love to hear from you. Thanks.

From: peter***campbell-burns.com
I'm researching Irish Cullens and would welcome any information that would help me in my research.
My g.g.g.g grandfather was Andrew Cullen. He married Mary Kelly circ 1810 and had at least one daughter (Mary). His great grandaughter, the renowend poet and author Katharine Tynan wrote in her memoirs that he had a farm at Cheeverstown, Co. Dublin.
His daughter Mary married (c.1828) Daniel Tynan and they had two children, Andrew Cullen Tynan and Mary. Mary and daughter died in the 1831 Cholera epidemic soon after bearing a Child.
There is quite a lot written about my G.G Grandfather Andrew Cullen Tynan (1829-1905) by his daughter Katharine Tynan, his memorial cross can still be found by the main road in Tallagh, Dublin. The grave of Andrew Cullen (d 1849) and his wife Mary (d 1839) can be found at Glendalough cemetry.

From: antiques***advant.net
For an image of a Dr. John Cullen (1797-1849) medical bill dated Richmond (Virginia) 1824 made to The Proprietor of Negro Woman Dicey, please see:
http://antiquescientifica.com/doc_slave_bill_John_Cullen__Richmond_1824.jpg. Thought that someone might be interested.

From: B1623***aol.com
Looking to contact Brendan Cullen in Dublin, who posted The Descendants of William And Sarah [O'Toole] to Jim's web site. My grandfather Patrick Cullen B-1863 in Ireland and died Nov. 1931 in Chicago, ILL.,U.S.A. looks like he fits into the Family Tree as the only son of William J. and Mary [Walshe} Cullen who Emigrated to Illinois. Patrick came to U.S. in 1896 via Ellis Island with wife Mary Gallagher and children, John age 7, James age 5, William age 3, Patrick 1 1/2, and Mary age 11mo. They had 3 more children born in Chicago, ILL. Hugh b-1898, Frank b-1905, and John J. b-1903.

From: t.cleaver***ntlworld.com
I notice your posting for Catherine Cullen who was married to a Wemys. Her father was Lord Athenry. Interesting within a month of Patrick Wemys dying she married John Cullen. Have you any other Wemyss ???

From: tedburn***iol.ie
I have drawn a blank in trying to trace my Cullen family background and would appreciate any leads. My father told me that there was a connection with Cardinal Cullen. He also said thet there were family connections in Rathnew Co Wicklow.

My Gt Grandfater Matthew was born in Dublin 1844 and died there in 1896. He worked in the building trade. He married Frances Donoghue (Fanny) in 1870. Frances was also a Dubliner, Born 1849 and died 1922. They lived at 29 Victoria St, Off Sth. Circular Rd., Dublin. They are interred in the family grave in Glassnevin Cemetary, Dublin.

They had 8 children:
John: became a Christian Brother ''James'', b.1871, d.1949.
Patrick Joseph: (my Grandfather): b.1872, d.1911 was a Carpenter and later in the Pub business!
Joseph: an accountant, lived in Chicago where he drowned in 1938.
David: a teacher for some time in Synge St Dublin.
Percival: worked in the USA and died there in 1930.
Aloyisius: nothing known about him although he died at the age of 23.
Matthew: never married and was station master in New Ross, Co Wexford.
Mary: the youngest, lived in Dublin. Died in the '50s.

Patrick Joseph ( grandfather) married Caroline Hoysted in 1903 in Donnybrook. Dublin. Lived for a while in Dublin and later in Castlebellingham.

They had 5 children:
Matthew Joseph ( my father): b.1905 d.1990
Nancy: d.1912.
Caroline: Died about 1993.
Patrick: killed on motor bike aged 21.
Gerard: d.1999.

This seems to be the first posting to my site from someone in Ireland and I'm very glad to see it! - (J.C.)

From: chris***mini.gt.owl.de
I am looking for ansestors alive/dead of my father Patrick Joseph Carey Cullen ( my father). He is the 5 brother of 6, the others being Gerrad, Harry, Micheal, Dennis and Stephen. Their mother and father were Gerrad Cullen (died 1945) and Susan Taylor (died soon after). They moved to Manchester, England some time after my father was born. They lived in 28 South Down Street, DonnyBrook, Dublin. Gerrad Cullen had 3 brothers, one of which was called Micheal. I believe that these people stayed in Dublin. This is all the information that I have. I would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you in advance!

From: pgibbes***erols.com
John Cullen born in Dublin, Ireland, about Feb. 1, 1797, son of possibly an Erin Cullen (no further info). He came to Richmond, VA, where he helped found what is now Medical College of VA Hospitals, died on December 25, 1849 and is buried in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA. I do not know who he married, but he had two sons and two daughters, of which one was John Syng Dorsey Cullen, born July 29, 1832 in Richmond, VA. He married Jane Maben and had five (?) children of his own, one being Elizabeth Campbell Cullen who married John Francis Thomas Anderson, son of Joseph Reid Anderson, owner of Tredegar Ironworks in Richmond, VA. If you have any information that could help me, I would greatly appreciate it. I'd like more info on John Cullen or his wife to further my searches into this line of the family. Thanks for your help!

From: jtcullen***lrbcg.com
Captain John Cullen, who arrived in Ireland in the year 1648, founded the prominent family of Cullen of Manorhamilton, Co Leitrim. According to John F. Atterton, an early researcher of this family, there is a related line of Cullen in Dublin that predates the arrival of Captain John Cullen to Ireland. John Cullen or Cullin (born abt 1633) and his wife (born abt 1635) were married abt 1655 in Dublin. Thaddeus Cullen (born c 1626) was married Jan 27, 1651 in Dublin to Amy Tabanor. George Cullen (born c 1634) was married in 1659 in Dublin to Mary Smith. Owen Cullen (also born c 1634) was married about 1656. Cornelius Cullen (born abt 1646) and wife (born abt 1648) had a son Cornelius Cullen christened May 29, 1668 at Dublin, St. John the Evangelist. Other related Cullen marriages occured later, namely: Charles Cullen & Sarah (both born abt 1658) had a son Charles christened Oct 26, 1678 at Dublin, St. Peter & Kevin; John Cullen & Margaret Jones in 1676; John Cullen & Hannah Gibbons in 1691; and William Cullen & Margaret Bodfield in 1701. Other related names in this family are: Burk, Wemys, and Ryan. Any help appreciated.

From: philip.cullen***virgin.net
I have recently started researching my father's side of my family. My grandfather was a George CULLEN who lived in Dublin between 1920 and 1937 when he died. His wife was Mary FITZGIBBON and they had 7 children; all bar one of these was born in Dublin. As far as I know he was born in Waterford in about 1881. I know that this is scant information but nothing ventured... Thanks!

From: hortonl***execulink.com
My family (The Horton's) came from Co Wexford. The three people who I am searching for are: Samuel Horton, Samuel's wife Cameilla Graham, and their son Nicholas Horton. Samuel and Cameilla Horton also had a daughter who was born and later married in Co Wexford, but relocated with her husband to Dublin. Is anyone able to help?

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