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Arms for Co LeitrimWelcome to the Posting Page for Co Leitrim, Ireland! If you have an interest in Cullen genealogy in Co Leitrim, then you've come to the right place; there are plenty of resources available to you right here, courtesy of the many researchers who share your interest in the Cullens of Co Leitrim. After taking a look at the Posting Page, try also the pages for the Cullens of Manorhamilton. Many of the Cullen families there trace their ancestry back to Captain John Cullen, from Scotland, who was the founding ancestor of many of the Cullen families in and around Manorhamilton, about the year 1648. Some researchers have gone to great effort collecting information on these families and have forwarded their research material for posting to the Cullen Genealogy Homepage. Among the items available are: a family tree outlining the descendants of Captain John Cullen, a family history written by David Cullen of Co Leitrim in 1860, Birth Record Extracts, IGI entries, Green Sheets, Parish Records, Land Deeds, and more. Any information you can add to the existing collection would be greatly appreciated by myself and by the many others who have worked so hard to put together this comprehensive history of the Cullens of Co Leitrim.

From: marybethglasgow***yahoo.com
Greetings! I am just beginning to look for my great-grandmother, Catherine Cullen, married to Patrick McGloin in 1890. Catherine Cullen was from Carrickreva and her father was James Cullen. Catherine died in the Manorhamilton Workhouse in 1902. Is there any more information about her family? I will be traveling to the area in late May to search roots.

From: michaeljosephmcgowan***googlemail.com
My mother was Rose Ellen Cullen (Charlie Mickie) from Carrickcreavagh was born in the 1920s. Her father, my grandfather was Charlie Cullen. Her siblings were Mary, John, Charles, Michael and Bridget (all deceased). Rose married Francis McGowan from neighbouring townland Corracloona, Co. Leitrim. They had six children, Madge, Rosemary, Theresa, Dolores, Pronnsias and myself.

From: scott.everett***innserveltd.com
I am trying to research my Leitrim ancestry, which includes a Judith Cullen, b 1812 in Leitrim. She married a Patrick Harkin (b.1811), who was from the townland of Greyfield. They had a son, John, b.1837, before moving to Wakefield during the 1840's ( I guess escaping the famine). Any information or advice would be most gratefully received, as I am at a bit of a dead end!

From: GerrBarr***aol.com
First to say thanks for the work you've done on your website! Second to ask if you've ever come across a Bessie Cullen? She's my great great granny, and was married to Hugh Slevin, of Camderry ( I think ). Timing would be around the 1840's / 50's, as they had a daughter, Honor, in 1869. Honor married William Clancy, in the 1890's ( I think ).

From: cullenfamily1***primus.com.au
From Griffith’s Valuation, compiled for County Roscommon in 1857/8 and for Carrick townland (Ballinlough) shows one ‘Sarah Cullinan’ with a holding of just over 34 acres. This was the second biggest farm in the whole townland and she is the only Cullinan, Cullinane or indeed Cullen listed in Carrick, so she must be an ancestor of mine (hopefully).

The Tithe Applotment listings for Carrick, which date back to the 1830s shows that at this time the townland of Carrick was held by three groups of tenants, each probably with their own lease from the landlord. Pat Winston, Michael Flynn and Andrew Cullen were those nominated as representatives, spokesmen for these groups, and probably had ultimate responsibility to ensure that the rents were paid, etc:

Pat Winston & Co. had a total of 87 acres, 1 rood and 32 perches
Michael Flynn & Co. had 86 acres, 3 rood, 8 perches.
Andrew Cullen & Co. had 81 acres and 26 perches,

I would also like to think that this Andrew Cullen is another ancestor of mine, perhaps the Sarah listed twenty years later in ‘Griffith’s Valuation’ was his widow? The fact that Andrew is listed as ‘Cullen’ in the 1830s, while Sarah is down as ‘Cullinan’ in the 1850s suggests that both names might have been used interchangeably in your family as far back as the first half of the nineteenth century, depending on who was writing it down, or how quickly it was spoken.

I can trace my ancestry back to Michael Cullen who died at Carrick on August 24th 1881, aged 52 - giving his date of birth at circa 1829. He is buried at Kiltullagh graveyard as Cullen, however when my grandfather, Dominick, was baptised on 18th December 1859 he is listed on the baptismal certificate as Dominick Cullinane with parents as Michael Cullinane and Mary Scarry and godparents Ann Cullinane and James Cullinane.

I am hoping to prove that Andrew and Sarah were Michael's parents.

Clearly the family was known as Cullinane at the time, or at least recorded by the parish priest the Rev. P, Fitzgerald at Granlahan Church under that name, however when my grandfather chose to erect the headstone on his father's grave he had his name inscribed as Cullen. I have heard theories that parish priests who came from neighbouring counties chose to spell surnames as they were spelt elsewhere rather than the way they were spelt by the families themselves, thus creating confusion for later day researchers.

Does anyone have any information on any of the above or any connection to any families outside of Roscommon to Åndrew, Sarah or Michael Cullen (Cullinane). I am trying to establish if my family originated from Roscommon and lived there for generations or came from neighbouring counties such as Leitrim.

I would be very grateful if anyone can help me connect to other Cullen or Cullinane families.

Thank you

From: thecullens***tesco.net
To my cousin!! Anthony E cullen's grandson, Anthony, had a brother Francis who lived in Denver, he was killed by a tram late 1920's early 1930's - he was married. Your uncle found his grave say 15/20 years ago. Can you help to find our lost cousins?
Phelim Cullen ( Anthony's brother Glenfarne ).

From: lorrie***att.net
My Dad has just completed a book about growing in Leitrim - I think this may be of interest to some of your site users and hope you could post the information. He wrote the book as a favor to me as I wanted to document te life he loved there. We self-published it so anyone else that was interested could have an opportunity to read it and share memories with us as well - The information is below:
A book has been published that details growing up in Rural Ireland on a small farm in Ballinaglera in the early 1940’s. It is titled “Just the Way It Was” Tommy Dan Tims Derrinageer, Ballinaglera. A true story of a traditional farm life in County Leitrim, Ireland. It is a Memoir by Thomas Gilrane.
When Thomas immigrated from Ballinaglera, County Leitrim, to America in 1947, at the age of 18, he did not know when, or if, he would ever return. When he left, Tom did not know that he would never see his father or older brother Bernard again. It was 25 years before he could come back, and by that time, the old homestead was abandoned and left to ruin.
It is a fascinating journey, and one that is typical for thousands of Irish families in the early 1900's. This story of immigration is bitter-sweet, full of emotion, humor and sometimes harsh realities. He tells his story matter-of-factly, as he remembers it-Just the Way It Was.
The book is available in several ways: 1. online at amazon.co.uk or amazon.com, 2. by Phone: Call 00-1-402-323-7800 International - Outside the US, 3. by email to book.orders@iuniverse.com. Information is also available at ballinaglera.com.

From: bud_bevwilkerson***sbcglobal.net
I am searching for information on a Patrick Cullen, who was born in Ireland March 1, 1816 and died in Macon County, Missouri, USA October 1918. His death certificate lists Pat Cullen as his father and Mary Devenny as his mother. I believe he immigrated to America around 1850. He was a widow at the time of his death. I believe he had a son, born about 1826 in Ireland, who immigrated with his father. I believe this man also lived and died in Missouri.

From: pamnickisher***hotmail.com
Hi. I am beginning research on my grandmother, Bridget Josephine McMorrow. She was born 3/1/1909 in Stranagress & baptized @ St. Mary's in Glenfarne, County Leitrim. She immigrated to the US (via NY I think) at the age of 16 by herself. Her parents are Hugh McMorrow & Bridget Cullen. Also listed on her baptismal certificate are 'sponsors' Pat Cullen and Rose McMorrow. Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated. I am planning a trip to Ireland & would like to know more of my history prior to going there. Thank you very much.

From: Cull380***aol.com
Searching for Irish roots of Michael Cullen born 1836 in Ireland. Emigrated to US, Troy, New York. Served in the 169'th Infantry, Civil War. Married Bridget or Dehlia. Possibly in the 1851 Scotland census, son of James and Nancy, born 1801 and 1805 in Ireland.

Does anyone know of any connection between the Cullen and Mulvey families. We are attempting to "connect the dots" between both, as there appears to be several intermarriages:

Francis Mulvey married Anne Cullen in 1833.
Patrick Mulvey married Bridget Cullon in 1843.
John Mulvey married Catherine Cullen in 1844 ( buried in Ballinaglera RC Cem. )

Any help greatly appreciated.

Just to make matters more confusing ... here are some more Keanys and Cullens to add:

Mary "Biddy" Keany / Keaney - born abt. 1838, married 27 Nov 1865 Manorhamilton, and died bef. 1901 married OWEN MULVEY - born abt. 1835 Drumristan. Owen's father/mother - Garrett ("Skip") Mulvey born abt. 1812 Ballinaglera area, and spouse Anne Mulvey. Also, William Kenny / Keany - born abt. 1838 (father Hugh), married 2 Feb 1864 Ballinaglera. Spouse ELLEN MULVEY - born abt. 1842 Ballinaglera (father Barny). Catherine Cullen - born 1820 Hollymount, Manorhamilton, married either 1843 or 1844 Ballinaglera. She died 7 Feb 1913 Drumnafinnila. Spouse JOHN MULVEY - born abt. 1810 Tullynapurtlin, Ballinaglera or Drumnafinnila. Both are buried St. Hugh's RC Cemetery, Ballinaglera. Catherine's parents are suppose to be Joseph Cullen - born abt. 1781 Tullynapurtlin, married abt. 1819 Ballinaglera, died Dec 1855. Spouse - Mrs. Rose Cullen - born abt. 1793 Tullynapurtlin. She died 13 Dec 1865. John Mulveys parents are - Owen Mulvey born abt. 1768 (same area), married about 1800 (same), died 20 Mar 1868. His spouse - Bridget McCabe born abt. 1774 (same area), died abt. 1858 (same). All of the above mentioned were Roman Catholic.

Thank you for taking the time to send along the extra information on this Cullen family. I'm sure someone out there will be able to find some connection.

From: mcmc***c2i.net
In the Outline Descendant Tree of the Cullens of Manorhamilton I found an Eliza Melvina Cullen born about 1800 married to Mr. Jones who died in India. They had two children (Eliza, Jemima). Then she got married to a Mr. Campbell after 1845 in St.Helena.
Does anyone know more about this Mr. Campbell?? My G-G-Grandfather was Duncan Campbell of Townamoil born about 1803 and his fathers name was James. Is there any relation??

From: jwcullen***erols.com
Now is: jcullen***highstream.net
I was going to post a note in the The Leitrim-Roscommon Bulletin Board asking if anyone knew anything about the CULLEN's there. All my family is centered around Philadelphia, PA. I'm on the trail of my namesake, my gggf Bernard Cullen, who arrived in Philadelphia in 1860, I believe as a minor. Believe his birth year is between 1845 and 1849. I have him in Philly from 1866 till his death there in 1924, but do not know anything about his parents or family in Ireland. I only found one scrap of paper that mentioned Co. Leitrim. Don't really know anymore about his Irish homeland, but I sure would like to find out. My Bernard married a Kelly in Philadelphia in 1867. Since he came from Ireland as a minor, and I don't know his Father's name. However, if children naming conventions hold true, then Bernard's father name would be John. I don't have much to go on. Maybe something will turn-up along the way.

From: ggetman1***EARTHLINK.NET
I am looking for information on the Cullen/Harkin family. A Judith or Susannah Cullen(born 1806) married Patrick Harkin (born 1806). They lived in Innishmagrath parish County Leitrim. They had a daughter in 1839 while in Leitrim. They emigrated to England around 1845. I am looking for any information on the Cullen or Harkin families from this area of Ireland.

From: NGlanovsky***aol.com
I am looking for information on my Great Grandmother Rose Cullen, born 10-30-1861 in Glen Farne. Her parent's were Anthony Cullen and Mary Keaney. Rose emigrated to the US and married Thomas McGowan also of Glen Farne. Rose had two sisters that also moved to the US named Isobel and Mary - neither of them married. Rose and Thomas lived in Winchester, MA. I do remember stories of all the relatives that they helped when they came over from Ireland. Any information will be appreciated. Thank you.

From: Mccull457***aol.com
My grandfather, Anthony E. Cullen, emigrated from Glenfarne in 1917 (?) to Boston, was placed in a U.S. Army uniform and sent to France in WWI where he served honorably. On his return, he settled in Woburn, Mass where he married and raised a large family. His son and my father, Francis P. Cullen, graduated from Woburn High School in 1943, joined the USMC and was wounded in the assault on Iwo Jima with the Fifth Marine Division. He went to law school on the G.I. Bill, became a lawyer and later the Presiding Justice of the Woburn District Court, where he served honorably for 30 years. The entire family traveled to Glenfarne in 1974, and truly had a wonderful visit. A family reunion at my brother Francis Jr.'s farm in New Hampshire, "Glenfarne," was a wonderful event! One day, I hope to get our family back to Glenfarne! Thank you for allowing me to post these wonderful memories!

From: Golowe2***aol.com
I have an old funeral card which contains the following information: Mary HARKINS wife of FRANCIS CULLEN died January 25 1879 age 57. My Harkins line emigrated to the US from Peebles, Scotland but were originally from Leitrim, Ireland. Can anyone shed some light on who this MARY HARKINS CULLEN might be??

From: Sandy0412***aol.com
Hello, in researching my gg,grandfather Bernard McCann in county Leitrim, I found that he witnessed a marriage between Patt Cullens & Anne Morin on 4/15/1872. The other witness was Ann Toohil. I feel that the name Morin was probably Moran spelled incorrectly but I transcribed it as I saw it. Later in the 1901 census, Patt and Ann Cullen are living in Drumkeeran with their children. Patrick is 48 and a farmer, Anne 45, Thomas 15 and Kate 13. Also living in Drumkeeran is Bernard McCann and his family. If anyone can connect the McCann and Cullen/Moran family, I would like to hear from you. Some Moran's went to Philadelphia with my great grandfather John McCann.

From: Franco2c***aol.com
Will be interested in any information on Patrick Cullen and his decendents. He lived in the townland of Tents about the 1850 to 1870 period. Tents is along the Roscommon/ Leitrim border near Loch Allen. Thank you.

From: irishharp***adelphia.net
I have just returned from a visit to Co. Leitrim, and have some information on the Cullens of Glenfarne, that may be of some help in piecing together the puzzle. The information is taken from a centerleaf page written into a Latin Vulgate Bible (purchased by Lazarus and Bridget Cullen in New York State in 1851) that I inherited from my grandmother. It begins with Lazarus Cullen, b. Oct 1815, in Glenfarne, Co. Leitrim, married Bridget Gallagher (b. May 1, 1825) on Monday April 2, 1840, by Rev. Father Thomas Bogan in Glenfarne. They had six children - Mary Anne Cullen b. Feb. 1 1842, James Cullen b. March 16, 1843, Henry Patrick Cullen, b. April 28, 1845, Bridget Cullen b. May 14, 1847 (died Nov. 1, 1849) Lizzie Eleanor Cullen b. July 29, 1853, in N.Y., and Frances Theresa Cullen, b. Sept. 24. 1861 also in New York (my great-grandmother). As far as I know at this time, the entire family emigrated to America (New York) sometime around the death of baby Bridget in 1849. I have at this time no information on the parents of Lazarus, and would be very interested in knowing how this line fits into the other known Cullens of Glenfarne. The people at the Leitrim Geneology Centre did not believe that they would have too much information going that far back, but I am researching it as best I can - any information you may have would be gratefully received.

From: atodd***cowave.com
Family lore has it that we are somehow related to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. My grandmother was Ann (Anne, Annie, Anna) Cullen, born c. 1898 in the Manorhamilton area of Co. Leitrim, daughter of Hugh Cullen and Bridget Wynne (or Wrynne.) Would love to connect with anyone who may also be related.

Anybody feel like tackling this one? Here's a start. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (22May1859-7Jul1930), legendary Scottish author (born in Edinburgh); son of Charles Altamont Doyle (1832-Oct1893), artist & architect (practised & was married & died in Edinburgh), and Mary Josephine Foley; son of John "H.B." Doyle (1797-2Jan1868), Dublin born satirical cartoonist & caricaturist (in London), and Marianna Conan.

From: dkgdc***msn.com
I am trying to find information on Michael Cullen who was born in Camderry, Glenfarm, Co. Leitrim (I'm not sure of the year). He married Katherine McDermott in 1852 in Ireland. He died in 1892 in Camderry, Glenfarm, Co. Leitrum. I know they had at least 2 daughters whose names were Sarah (my great grandmother) and Mariah. My great grandmother, Sarah Cullen married John McGowan (b. 6/23/1858). Any information you have on this line would be wonderful! I have been getting frustrated in my search as it seems I have hit a dead end!

From: Franco2c***aol.com
Catherine(b. 1858) and Margaret(b. 1866) Cullen--- When my greatgrandfather John Cullen moved with his family to Edinburgh about 1883, two of his daughters remained in Co. Leitrim near the townlands of Moneenreave and Knockatean. Presumedly they may have married. Any information will be appreciated. Frank Cullen Franco2c@aol.com or fpc999@yahoo.com

From: jim***cullenbal.freeserve.co.uk
My granfather and granmother James Cullen and Mary Ellen Cullen (ms Cullen) were married on August 27th 1908 in Glendale Co Leitrum, Ireland and emigrated to Govan in Glasgow Scotland via I believe the USA. Any possible connection?

From: dennisr1***cox.net
My grandmother, Maggy (Cullen) Forkin was the sixth child of Michael and Maria Cullen who were age 49 and 36 as listed in the 1901 census. They are listed as Corratimore Glebe Townland, Killanummery Civil Parish, Drumahaire Barony and Manorhamilton PLU. My grandmother was 3 in the 1901 census listings. My grandmother was married in Rhode Island, USA in the mid 1920's. Any further info would be appreciated.

From: herflick***gofree.indigo.ie
We are Cullens here in Dublin trying to research our family. Your web site is very interesting. We are searching for the line of John James Charlie Cullens from Glenfarne, Co. Leitrim. My name is Frank Cullen born in Moate, Co. Westmeath 1928. Son of John Francis Cullen who was born in Glenfarne circa. 1898. His father (my grandfather) was Charlie Cullen who worked in Enniskillen and went to America, came back to Ireland. He married the daughter of an R.I.C. Sargent from Manorhamilton, Co. Leitrim, she was a school teacher and they eventually settled in Edgeworthstown, Co. Longford where they opened a drapery shop. I would really appreciate any information you have going back prior to this. Please reply to this email address herflick@gofree.indigo.ie which is my brother's address and also please copy to my address which is frankcullen@yahoo.com

From: ploughlin***mediaone.net
I am looking for information regarding the family of John CULLEN, my great great grandfather. John CULLEN was born in Ireland ( county unknown ) circa 1801 ( parents' names not known ). He was married to Alice MCDONOUGH who was born in Ireland ( county unknown ) circa 1801 ( parents' names unknown. John and Alice had 9 known children:

Mary AnnNYc.1847

John and Alice CULLEN and their family emigrated to the USA circa 1847 - 1849 settling in the city of Lawrence, Mass. Thomas CULLEN eventually moved to the SanFrancisco area of California and his brothers, James and Frank, might also have moved to that area or somewhere else on the west coast.

I have Naturalization papers for a James CULLEN which document that he was born in Aughlin/Aghlin County Leitrim on 10 March 1829 and that he arrived in Boston, Mass. on 30 June 1849. I am not sure whether this James CULLEN is the same James CULLEN as the one mentioned in the CULLEN family above. If he is then I could assume that my CULLENS came from Aghlin in County Leitrim. I would appreciate any help that anyone could offer to aid me in furthering and adding to my CULLEN research.

Nancy Hall Loughlin

From: tcullen***ssrm.com
My great-great-grandfather was Anthony Cullen b. 1831 in Ardmoneen, Co. Leitrim. He married Mary Keaney in February 1855. They had at least 2 sons; John (James) and Terence. Terence stayed in Leitrim; John emigrated to the US. One other son was suppose to have traveled to Scotland, though I have no record of this. My great-great-grandfather Anthony, I am told, was the son of Thomas, who had 3 brothers (Charles, Seamus and Garret). They were evicted from Ardmoneen and moved to Meenkeeragh in approx. 1820. Supposedly they were the son of an Anthony, who had 3 brothers also, an Owen, Garret and Thomas. They all came from Wexford I am told. Does any of this help/make sense to you? Do you think you might have some information relating to my relatives? Any information would be greatly appreciated! There are four daughters of Anthony and Mary (Keaney) Cullen, all born in Manorhamilton, Co Leitrim: Mary (16 Feb 1864), Bridget (02 Aug 1866), Catherine (25 Mar 1869), and Anne (30 Sep 1871).

From: qtlywild***pacbell.net
I am just beginning my Cullen research. I am the daughter of Thomas Richard Cullen b. 1901. This is what i know:

My great grandfather is Thomas Richard Cullen, married Mary Mcpartlan, had four children and lived in Drumkeerin. That is all I know about them. Their children are, Thomas, Mary, Bessie, and Patrick. Mary married Mick Kellaher and had two daughters that I am aware of, Annie and Mae Kellaher. They lived in Corry. Bessie moved to the America and lived in New York and Patrick was in Middelboro England around 1929. My grandfather was Thomas Richard Cullen, b. 1868, married Mary Bridgit Colohan, b. 1871 married in New Jersey 1897(?). Had five children Mary Hester b. 1899, Evelyn, Thomas,b. 1901, Robert and Francis. Mary Hester had 13 children and my father, Thomas Richard had seven.

What I want to know, everything. If anyone knows information about my branch of the family, please email me at the above address.

From: jtcullen515@bex.net
Important - Dated Posting - February 23, 2001.
Source needs whatever help is available within a week if possible.

Looking for information on the family and ancestry of John Cullen christened March 28, 1850 at Glenfarne, County Leitrim. His parents were Patrick Cullen, a farmer, and Mary (McNulty). John joined the Royal Irish Constabulary in 1869, a postion which he resigned in March of 1876 in order to go to New Zealand. More information, if possible, is sought on John's career witht the R.I.C. He had by marrried to Rachel McGinley on May 6, 1874 at Killygordon, County Donegal. They had together five sons and three daughters.

Having arrived aboard the "Camperdown" in the summer of 1876, John's first position was in the New Zealand Armed Constabulary (known as the New Zealand Police Force after 1886). Posted to Blenheim and promoted to sergeant on July 1, 1878. On September 20, 1897 Cullen was promoted to the position of inspector third class. Served at Greymouth, Aukland, and Waikato. John Cullen was described as having an "imposing presence with penetrating eyes, 'stern-looking and officious'". Having a fiery nature, an admitted strict manner, and controversial tactics that earned him the nickname "Czar Cullen", he attained the postion of Commissioner of the New Zealand Police Force on April 17, 1912 - the first to attain it from within the ranks.

John Cullen held the police force in an iron grip, was particularly vindictive towards those who opposed him, and pursued the upholding of the law with a fierceness that sometimes pushed the limits of ethics and legality. Despite this, even his critics admitted the many improvements seen in the New Zealand Police Force.

John Cullen retired to private life in 1919. His first wife Rachel had died June 20, 1917 and John remarried on June 11, 1928 in Aukland to Ellen Margaret Hendrey. He also became honorary warden of Tongariro National Park and served with his trademark enthusiasm. John Cullen passed away on October 26, 1939 in Aukland. He was survived by his second wife and four children from his first marriage. He remains an outstanding legend as one of the most unrelenting, fierce, and controversial leaders in the history of the New Zealand Police Force.

Currently in New Zealand, historical researchers are hard at work locating more information on the family and ancestry of John Cullen for a possible future television documentary and also for an upcoming history lecture to be held at the University of Ulster. Any help you can provide would be very much appreciated and please note that time is short - the lecture is to be held within the next couple weeks.

From: mcgovds***email.msn.com
I am researching my great great grandmother, Mary Cullen, ba 1796 in Aghlin, Parish Oughteragh, Co. Leitrim. Mary married James McGovern of Ballinamore, Co. Leitrim, and had six children: Bernard, John, Mary, James, Ann and one daughter name unknown. The family immigrated in 1849 to NYC. The three sons moved on to Mississippi in 1853.

Recently I have been able to contact some Cullens in Co. Leitrim that are also from Aghlin, and are part of the same Cullens as my Mary. They mentioned that their Cullens were nicknamed "The Yellow Cullens". They and I don't know how the nickname came about... I know there is a river called the Yellow River that runs close by Aghlin and maybe that is where the nickname came from. Anyone else ever heard of "The Yellow Cullens"?

Previous Post:
I have posted before on the Cullen BB but for County Antrim. Just in the last month I found that the family recollections that my Cullens were from Antrim may have been wrong. Instead they were originally from Co. Leitrim. (Possibly they moved to Belfast before immigrating to NYC in 1849). I found their ship manifest, ship Nestorian arrived at New York City on March 9, 1849, that stated they were from Ballinamore, Co. Leitrim. Is anyone researching Cullens from the Ballinamore area?

My gr-gr-grandmother Mary Cullen married James McGovern about 1822. Mary was born approx 1796. James about 1795. They had six children, 3 boys and 3 girls that lived to adulthood: Bernard, John, James, Mary, Ann, and Bridget.

Note: From the Co Antrim posting: Bernard was born in 1824, John in 1825, and James in 1838. Their father, James McGovern, and the daughters died about 1850. Their mother, Mary, died in 1852. The boys moved on to Mississippi. - (J.C.)

From: lesshiray***earthlink.net
My great grandfather, Michael Cullen was born in 1872-73. He may have been from Co. Roscommon or Leitrim. Don't know his parents names, but do know that his mother married twice and Michael emigrated to the U.S. (Philadelphia, PA) due to bad relations with his stepfather. Michael may have had 2 sisters, one who was named Mary. He didn't marry until he was in the U.S. Would like any information of life in Ireland.

From: PLyons***sfr.buffalo.edu
(Though not concerning a Cullen family, this query does bring up a good point. What we're looking for here is a known pattern of moving back and forth between Ireland and Scotland or England, and the locations where they went. - JC). My grandfather resided in Leitrim -worked in Scotland a great deal of the time with the family still in Leitrim. There was a coal mine in the area and I believe it was Scotish owned - thereby rationalizing why he travelled to Scotland. - especially in the late 1800s and early 1900s. I am also trying to research an Eliz, McSharry, a childhood friend of my father who moved to Scotland in 1927-28 with her child. She lived in that part of Leitrim and she also went to Scotland some where -there had to be some connection to up and go there.

Colonel J.J.CULLEN owned the Skreeney House during the famine days and Cairncross CULLEN Esq. built Glenade House in 1837. Another prominent individual during these days was Colonel H.F. CULLEN of Rockwood House in Deerpark. In the Drumkeerin area Corry Lodge was owned by F.N. CULLEN Esq. The founding board of guardians of the Manorhamilton Poor Law union (1839) included among its members Cairncross CULLEN Esq, Francis N. CULLEN Esq, Henry T. CULLEN Esq, John Evans CULLEN and David CULLEN. Cairncross CULLEN was elected chairman. During these days a John James CULLEN served as agent to the two of the prominent landowmers of north Leitrim. One of those holding the turf contract to the workhouse was John Marcus CULLEN. Later in the century (1880) a John CULLEN of Brackerybeg was noted as speaker at the Manorhamilton ralley on land reform, a year later he was arrested because of his Land League activities and ended up in jail in Dubin with Charles Stewart Parnell.

There is a record of an immigration of a Francis Cullen from Ballyshannon, a Resinner from Co. Leitrim, who sailed on board the ship "Jefferson" from New Castle to Philadelphia. This was on May 10, 1804 and, at the time, Francis' age is given as 16yrs. This would put his birth right around 1788.

Edmund Cullen (b. Ireland) and Mary Mahan (b. Ireland or VA, USA) had a daughter, Margaret "Rose" Cullen (b.1830 Ireland and d.1866 Falmouth,KY). Margaret "Rose" m. Michael Moore Sep 3,1854 in Richmond,VA. Their children were: John Wm., Rose, Edward, Teresa, Francis Bernard. Also mentioned were Patrick (Sr&Jr) of Leitrim, Skreeny. Also Anastasia (b. Ireland d.~1878 in Butte Co, CA, USA). Connection to these not known.

From: d.evans***bom.gov.au
I am researching CULLEN in Manorhamilton, Co.LET.

The one I'm interested in is Julia CULLEN (b: c1800; d: 11/7/1865 Westbars, Manorhamilton). She married Thomas STEPHENSON (b: c1800; d: 20/1/1864 Westbars, Manorhamilton) on 7/9/1826.

My CULLEN connection is through Julia Anne CULLEN, b c1800 and died at Westbars, Manorhamilton, on 11/7/1865. Julia married Thomas Stephenson (1800-1864) at Manorhamilton CofI on 7/9/1826. They had 16 children and I am descended from James (b 1851).

The Cullen name pops up in later generations as a middle name but finding out about Julia's parents/siblings has proven impossible so far. Julia's sons were, in order, Thomas, William, Phibbs, Robert, John, James, Edward (or Edward, James <g>). Does Phibbs ring any bell with you? It also pops up occasionally in the Stephenson/Cullen family.

The Cullen name pops up as a middle (and once as a first) name in all the Stephenson generations descended from Julia. Neither Cullen nor Phibbs appears in any other branch of the various Stephenson trees, so I suspect they originate in Julia's line. There's a bloke named Gar CULLEN from Cheshire (I think) who has written a book "The Elliotts of Manorhamilton", but his Cullens apparently aren't from Leitrim. He tips that Julia's name may have been PHIBBS.

From: jnbruen***sparc.isl.net
My Great grandfather, Peter Cullen, was born in County Leitrim. I suspect in Manorhamilton, but, I have no evidence of this. He was born 4 March 1835 and had two brothers that I am aware of, Thomas and Michael. Thomas was in the British Army an Michael may have emigrated to the U.S..Peter Cullen was at one time a Revenue policeman and later Constable in the R.I.C. He married Mary Anne Kearney while stationed in Ballyhean, Cty Mayo. He was sent to Kilkerrin, Cyt Galway and They had one boy and five girls, Patrick John, Mary Jane (My grandmother), Kate Maria, Margaret Mary Alogue, Elizabeth, Annie Maude.

From: bkenney***sympatico.ca
Kenney / Keaney/ Cullen/ McNuff Descendants from Drumkeeran.

My family originated in Drumkeeran by way of two sisters. They were Rosannah Cullen (d.Mar 7 1895) and Margaret Cullen (b. Mar 17th, 1810 and d. Mar 3, 1911). They married two brothers believed to be from Manorhamilton. Rose married Patrick Keany (or Keaney or Kinney or Kenney) and had two children baptized in Innishmagrath parish (Patrick Baptized 13/02/1836 and Mary Keany baptized 23/04/1837). They left Ireland for Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada shortly after (before 1840) the birth of the second of ten children.

Margaret Cullen married Patrick's brother James (b. Aug. 29th, 1790 and d.Aug. 29 1877), on 20/05/1835 at Innishmagrath parish. They had one or two children born in Ireland (John b.1838 and perhaps Mary b.1840). They too left for Niagara Falls around 1840. James was married before but his wife Mary McNuff (or McNiff) died in 1832 - 1833. Mary may have also been from Drumkeeran. They had four children. The children's names were Patrick, Kate, James and William.

James and Mary emigrated to Canada in approximately 1824 but returned in 1829 due to Mary's illness. It is believed that the four children of his first marriage stayed in Ireland when James left with his second family for Canada.

While Patrick and James Keaney (or Kenney) are likely from ManorHamilton, it is not certain. They had three sisters. They were Anna McDowell, who remarried after a short marriage to a Mr. Kearns. Kate who married a Patton who was in the grocery business and Bridget who also married but we don't know to whom. Bridget was a dress maker. We assume that all were born in Manorhamilton area of Leitrim in the approximate time frame of 1790 - 1825.

Both Margaret and Rosannah lived in the Drumkeeran area at the time of their attachments to the Keaney/Kenney brothers. If the girls were not from there it would reinforce that the brothers likely were from there.

One response was:
"I believe Margaret and Rosannah were the daughters of Cornelius Cullen and Mary Ann Rogers. Margaret I have born 1811 and Rosannah born 1818, in Cavan. Cornelius and Mary were married in 1807. Cornelius was born 1786 in Cavan also. I am from a different family, but I also have a Cornelius Cullen (in Dublin). Hope this helps. Get back with me on any questions, though I don't have a whole lot on this family."

From: ifm***dnet.co.uk
My father was born in Drumkeerin, Co. Leitrim. His father was born in Co. Sligo at a townland called Glen which is in Counties Leitrim, Sligo and Roscommon. My grandfather had a brother Bernard who went to the US after 1900. I am searching for him, so if you have any info I would appreciate it.

From: jvest***pacific.net
My great-grandmother's name was Bridget Cullen. She was from County Leitrim. She married Patrick Scollan and was the second of his three wives. She was born c1885 and was later of Carrickcreavagh, Leitrim and died in 1910. Bridget was a descendent of Anthony Cullen b. c1750 of Co Fermanagh through his son Seamus, who was the progenitor of the "Charlie, Mickie, Charlie" Cullens. Seamus had several brothers; Garrett, Owen and Thomas. Also, my grandmother (Scollan) was a Catholic so I assume that her mother (Bridget Cullen) was also.

From: m00eif00***mcmail.com
1822 - William Cullen born at Kiltoghart, Nr Carrick On Shannon, Co. Leitrim. For some reason, whilst a boy he moved across to Ahascragh, Co. Galway (Presumably with his parents!) and later joined the British Army. I have attestation records etc which list details of his wife and children and the Army records even list the details of his mother in law - unfortunately, I have not been able to locate any details of his parentage or reason for moving to Co Galway. I am obviously interested in any info you may have which may link my William Cullen with Co. Leitrim. William Cullen is a direct descendant and I have been unable to go any further back on this line. Any help would be appreciated.

From: pcarr***gpo.gov
My grandmother is one Bridget Cullen of Manorhamilton, Co. Leitrim born in 1889. She moved to Boston around 1915. Bridget Cullen was one of eight children:

Garret 1884, James 1885, Mary 1887, Bridget 1889, Lawerence 1891, Thomas 1893, Alice 1896 and Cathrine 1900.

She was the daughter of Thomas Cullen who was 52 at the time of the 1901 Census and Bridget Keaney-Cullen who was 43 at the time of the 1901 Census.

They were the townland of Corracloona, Parish of Cloonclare, Baroney of Rosclogher; Manorhamilton, Co. Leitrim

Bridget's mother: Bridget Keaney-Cullen her father John Keaney who was 68 at the time of the 1901 Census was also in Co Leitrim still living with three of his children. Tom 28, Sarah 18 and Francis 13. They resided in the same Townland, Parish and Barony in Manorhamilton as the Cullen's.

More info on the Lawrence Cullen born in 1891 from Diane Speake's site: "Mary LEE (b. abt. 1906, d. 23 Feb 1987) and Lawrence CULLEN (b. 21 Dec 1891 in Corracloona, County Leitrim, Eire, d. 14 Jun 1976) were married in about 1925. Since I have a lot about this family, there will be a separate CULLEN page. (Coming soon!)"

I get the feeling that there's some relation possibly between this family and the one above, in the post from SCullen007.

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