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Co Wicklow, Ireland

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From: sheboo***hotmail.com
I hope you can help. I’m looking for any information on Mary Cullen (Born about 1847 Ireland) who married a Bartholomew Kelley (Kelly) (Born About 1844 Cork, Ireland) son of Edward Kelley and Monica FitzGerald. I have the family mentioned in the 1880 Census of the United States but can not locate any other information on her. Any assistance or guidance would greatly be appreciated.

From: mambro***iprimus.com.au
Hello, I am on a family mission to locate the family/s of my ancestor (my great great great grandfather) GEORGE CULLEN. From the scant information we have we know he was born in County Wicklow in 1793. No information in regards to his parents. I searched the Cullen name and found quite a few of that surname have been buried in Glendaloughs Seven Churches?

George was married to an unknown person in 1825 and produced two children..gender,names , DOB unknown. George was tried and charged for stealing glass from Dublin on 23 November 1825 and transported on board the “Regalia” into Port Jackson in Australia on the 5th August 1825. His attributes were listed as: OCCUPATION: COACHMAN, HEIGHT : 5FT 4 ˝ INCHES, COMPLEXION: PALE AND SALLOW, EYES: BROWN, HAIR: BROWN, SCAR ON LEFT CHIN OVER LIP, MARRIED WITH 2 CHILDREN.

On arrival in Australia George was sent to Parramatta . He was granted his ticket of leave on 22 June 1837. George then married Johanna Walter aka Johanna Preston in Parramatta in 1835 by the Reverend Samuel Marsden. They had two children: George Walter Cullen b Feb 17,1842 and Anne Cullen b Feb 19,1836. George died in Concord NSW aged 56 on April 8, 1849.

I would appreciate it if this email can be possibly passed on to local newspapers “Letters to the Editor”/genealogy groups or any know Cullen families from County Wicklow.

From: eedennis***gmail.com ( see also post in Co Kildare )
I am looking for information mainly on James Henry Cullen (my great great grandfather) who was born in 1862, immigrated in the mid-to-late 1880s, and died in Rochester, New York April 18, 1899, but any information based on what I have written below would be a great help.

James H. was naturalized on the same day, with the exact same witnesses (James B. Doyle and James Byrnes) as a Thomas Cullen, who I am assuming is his brother or at least a first cousin. I found what is possibly James's wedding certificate, which names his parents as Charles (Chas) and Catherine (no maiden name listed). I found Thomas's passport application from 1922, which had much information on it: his birth date (April 7, 1864), his father's name (Thomas), his place of birth (Co. Wicklow), his residence in Toronto from 1905-1910 (was possibly in the seminary there), and his residence in 1922 in Amboy, IL. I also found what I believe to be Thomas's birth certificate which names his parents as Thomas Cullen and Maria La Touche. So James' father's name is either Chas if that certificate is the correct James H. or it was a misprint and it's really Thos or Thomas and he is indeed Thomas's brother.

A few more clues: I have a letter written by James H. to his estranged uncle Andrew (no last name) who in 1891 had asked JHC for money. In the letter it is stated that at one point Andrew was part of a family of 9 (either 9 children or 7 children plus mother and father). Two other brother's are named in the letter - Jack and Jim. Andrew immigrated approx. 1871-1872, right after his father died (name not stated). I also have a newspaper ad taken out by James Henry in 1896 in the Boston Pilot newspaper (a national newspaper read by Irish Immigrants in the United States) stating that he was looking for a lost relative Christopher Cullen who left Rochester, NY in approx. 1889 for Butte City, MT and that he would hear something worth his while if he got in touch with James (inheritance I am guessing).

There is very little information I am finding about James Henry, Andrew, Christopher, and Thomas (aside from his passport info). Any information about any of them would be much appreciated.

I am also interested in contacting Gar Cullen as I think I have information to add to his and I would like to ask him a few questions. Is that possible for someone to get his full email address or to send him my email address with my request for contact?

From: email provided on request
I am a descendant of a Margaret Cullen from Eadenstown ( which is about 3 miles from Donard in Co.Wicklow ). Peter Byrne married Margaret Cullen in Donard church which is in the parish of Dunlavin on the 12th July 1898.

Margaret Cullen's parents were ( according to the marriage register ) John Cullen & Margaret Connell. At the time of the marriage Peter Byrnes's address was 3 Bow Lane, Kennedy Villas, in Dublin. There is a Margaret Cullen's birth registered in Dunlavin on 10th November 1879 (address Eadenstown). There is a marriage registered in Dunlavin of a Myles Cullen & Anna Byrne for 1872 and these are the registered names on Margaret Cullens birth register.

It also appears that Myles Cullen & Anna Byrne were cousins, there was an impedement to the marriage which is shown as the 3rd decree lateral line ( canon law language ). The dispensation was granted by Cardinal Paul Cullen who may have been related?

On Margaret Cullen & Peter Byrne marriage cert Eadenstown is in Kiltegan, Co. Wicklow. I am told our ancestors were stonemasons, and think that Cardinal Paul Cullen was the priest in Balitore I think it's in Co.Kildare, he may have been from or served in Moone, Co. Kildare. Peter Byrne was baptised in Rathvilly parish church on 24th May, 1868. Margaret Cullen died between 1901-1907 because my great grandfather Peter Byrne re-married and went on to have 3 other children from his second wife.

My grandfather is Patrick Byrne of 24 Kinahan St Kilmainham Dublin 8, sole child of Peter Byrne & Margaret Cullen. Peter Byrne was a Railway porter. My grandfather was born on 15th March 1901, he married my grandmother Leonora Elizabeth Holohan from 5 South Terrace, in Dublin 8 on the 11th August 1930. My grandfather died on the 29th October 1969 he was a Detective in the Special Branch & was retired when he died, they lived at 110 Tyrconnell park, Inchicore, Dublin 8. They had four sons; Thomas, Peter, Patrick, and Brian.

From: dchris***tribcsp.com
Mary Ann Cullen was my 3rd great grandmother. I am wondering where you obtained some of your information? I have that Mary Ann was dis-owned by the family at the age of 16 and came to America. Would like to know more about this Cullen family.

From: HGBONAPPETIT***aol.com
Hi I am new to tracing relatives but have had some success which i would like to share...how useful i do not know. Data comes from UK census 1901, 1891, 1881.

My particular interest was tracing back my Mother's side of the family, her mother was Mary Cullen (Daughter of James Cullen (b Coundon (Durham England) and Emma O'Brion (b Co Wicklow). I have no further information on Emma O'Brion.

James Cullen's Father and Mother ( Daniel and Sarah) were both born in Co Wicklow although I do not know Sarah's surname.

I have also seen some indications of a link with Sligo via a grandson listed as born there when he was visiting Durham at the time of the 1891 Census.

For further info plaese feel free to email me. Best wishes h.

From: morchoe***gmail.com
I am looking for information On my Great Great Grandfather - James Byron Dixon born 12 August, 1834 at Drummin East/West Rathdrum, Wicklow, Ireland. He left Ireland between 1850 and 1857 with his Mother Margaret and Father unknown. His brother John W. was born Ireland 1850. Thank You.

From: mail***byrne66.freeserve.co.uk
I am trying to make contact with my aunts / uncles. Their address was (is) No 3 Cottage Laughletrim, Carnew. I have looked on maps but I can't find "Laughletrim" or anything like it. Does this place exist? The last name I have for that address was Bess Byrne but she must be married now. Any advice on the correct spelling of Laughletrim and the existence of this place would be of great help to me. Thanks.

From: MMacFarland***molbio.Princeton.EDU
Searching for Cullens who settled in Baltimore, Maryland. Had children including Simon V. and Daniel. Co. Wicklow parents, no names -- does anyone know of anyone settling in Baltimore?

From: Terry_MacFarland***mcgraw-hill.com
I am just beginning to research Cullens who settled in Baltimore MD, and were reportedly from Co. Wicklow. I've hit many brick walls. Does anyone know of a Simon Cullen (his son James A. Cullen was born in 1893 -- my grandfather) who was in Baltimore in the 1800s married to a Caroline Knowles?

From: B1623***aol.com
Patrick Cullen B-1863 In Ballyburne to William J. Cullen and Mary Walshe, imigrated to Chicago, ILL. in 1896 with wife Mary Gallagher and sons John age 7, James age 5,William age 3, Patrick age 1 1/2 and daughter Mary 11 mo. Had three more son's in ILLinois,Hugh, Frank,John J. Looking for Brendan Cullen in Dublin who has information on Patrick Cullen who died in Chicago, ILL. in Nov. 1931.

From: pcullen***infi.net
Looking for relatives of Francis and Catherine Cullen, lived in Avoca. They had a son, John, born 1863, my ggf. John came to the U.S. at the age of 18 and lived in Pa. Any information appreciated.

From: DJR31133***aol.com
In an earlier post I said that my great grandmother's name was Annie M.A. Cullen. I have since found out that her name could be Annie M. Cullen. Her father was Patrick Cullen and he signed the marriage application for her to be married to my great grandfather William Ryan. The application for the marriage was obtained in Mobile, Alabama and Patrick must not have been able to read or write as there was an "X" between Patrick and Cullen. The witness was a "Thadius McNulty". Annie's date of birth is supposed to be June 7, 1845. She was 15 years of age when they married, Feb. 18, 1860. On her grave marker is the inscription " Annie Cullen Ryan, County Wicklow, Ireland, Vale Avoca-Meeting of the waters". She is buried in Montgomery, Alabama.

From: Franco2c***aol.com
My gr.gr.grandfather, Patrick Cullen, born possibly in the area of Bray, Co. Wicklow about 1800-1810. Wife's name, Annie Cullen (maiden name). Children may have been Francis, John J., Celia. Moved to Co. Leitrim or Co. Roscommon area mid-1800s. Any information on Cullen family from this area would be appreciated.

From: DSNJ004***aol.com
My great great grandmother, Catherine CULLEN was born 12 Sept. 1865 in Ovoca, Co. Wicklow (according to IGI Index 4.01 British Isles). Her father was Patrick CULLEN mother Bridget ROARK. She married James J. LEACY, born 1864, on 20 Feb 1884 in Catholic Church of Monamolin, Diocese of Ferns, Co. Wexford. Their first child, Miles Leacy was baptized 2 Dec 1884 in same church. They moved to United States and had 9 more children: Miles, Jane, Patrick, Elizabeth, Mary Ellen, Winnefred, Catherine, James Jr, William, and Veronica.
If anyone has any info on these families, especially the CULLEN family, please contact me. Thank you.

From: CULLEN***wicklow3875.freeserve.co.uk
Cullen Family in Wolverhampton, England, descended from the Cullens of the Glen of Imal near Donard, Co Wicklow. Ancestry has been traced back to the late 1700's.

From: cptnmike***home.com
I am seeking information on my great grandfather, Michael Cullen (b 1851 April 10) and great grandmother, Mary Byrne (b 1854 December 26) and their families both believed to have come from county Wicklow Ireland. They settled in Toronto, Ontario Canada circa 1891. The family, at the time they left Ireland, would have consisted of three children, Bridget, (b 1876 Nov 9) William (b 1877 Dec 23) and Mary (b 1883 March 1). It would appear that Michael had a sister, Elizabeth or Bess who was married to William Kehoe in county Wicklow who also settled in Toronto, Ontario.

From: gar***cullen.netlineuk.net
I am seeking Ambrose Cullen, birth, second marriage and children. Ambrose Cullen married Ann Jane Niblock 19 Dec 1850 in Belfast and gave his age as 25 or 28 and his father James as a stonemason. Ambrose'e son James was born 11 April 1852 by this marriage. He had a daughter Jane by his second wife Jane Trac(e)y on 16 Jan 1854. We note that the name Tracey also comes from Wicklow. There is also a James Cullen who married Elizabeth Tracey on 12 July 1854 in Kilmacoo, Castlemacadam, Rathdrum, Wicklow.

Can you help with:
Birth of Ambrose Cullen son of James circa 1823 +/- 3 years.
Marriage of Ambrose Cullen to Jane Trac(e)y in 1852 or 1853.
Children to Ambrose Cullen and Jane Trac(e)y in period 1853 to 1864.
Any connection between Jane Tracey and the Elizabeth Tracey who married James Cullen in 1854.

From: DJR31133***aol.com
Looking for Annie M. A. Cullen, born June 7, 1845 in Co Wicklow. Recently found out that her father's name was Patrick Cullen. Also in this family is a Sir John Cullen who may be Annie's grandfather, uncle, etc. Annie was married to William John Ryan in Mobile, Alabama 18 Feb 1860.Any help appreciated.

From: Wayne & Pauline Bolger: wbolger***pacbell.net
James Cullen (b.1823/1893) Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow Ireland. Married Elizabeth Waddoc (b.1832/1893). Had 16 Children: born same #15-Thomas b-1876 and d-in Carnew, Co. Wicklow. Md: 1-Bridget Kelly (1874-1911) & 2-Catherine O'Reilly 2 Children: Pat Cullen d-1957 Carnew, Co. Wicklow, Ireland; Elizabeth 'Elsie' Cecila Cullen ..b-1910 Arklow d-1991 Arklow, Md: Patrick Allen b-1909/1986 Arklow, 5 Children: 1 d-young Allen Ch. Md: Hickey, Lillis, Emerson, & Byrne, in Arklow, Co. Wicklow Ireland. 2'nd wife of Thomas, Catherine O'Reilly, 1-child, Sr. Mary.

From: TCrow95798***aol.com
John Cullen b 12 Mar 1845/46 Brae (Bray) Co Wicklow. Son of Nicholas Michael Cullen and Anna? Arrived in New York aboard SS Pennsylvania in Oct 1865. He first married Bridget Collins [b 1842 in Brae, Co Wicklow] in Mercer Co. Pa 11 Nov 1867. Two children: Nicholas (who went to Prosser, WA in 1890s) and John (died as Infant). Bridget died Mercer Co. Pa in 1872.

He then married Rose Anne Marley on 22 Apr 1877 in Mercer Co. She was born 1856 in Mercer Co. Pa. Her father was b. in Co Westmeath and her mother in Co Wicklow. Ironically her mother was Annie Laurie Cullen - no relation to John that I know of. They had nine children: James-1878, Anna-1880 (my Grandmother) Hugh-1882, John F. -1884, William-1886, Thomas - 1888, Charles-1891, Frank-1893, Catherine-1895. These children all remained in area of Mercer Co. Pa.

John died in 1923 and Rose Anne died in 1941, both in Mercer Co. Pa.

John Patrick Cullen born Apr 8,1780 in Dunlavin, Co. Wicklow, Ireland (d. Jan 12,1866), m. Margaret about 1805 in Ireland. They had 10 children, all born in Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland. Laurence b. May24,1805; Patrick b. Mar 17,1808 d. May 1,1851 in PA,USA; James b. 1811; Bridget b. 1811; Christopher b. Dec 25, 1816; Mary Ann; Rosann; Elizabeth b. Apr 18,1823; Catherine b. Sep 4,1830; Margaret b. 1835.

Family of son Patrick: m. Margaret abt. 1834 in PA. Had seven children. William(1837); John(1839); Charles(1841); Thomas(1843); Malinda(1844); Andrew(1846); Arthur(1848).

Family of daughter Mary Ann: m. Peter C. Emigh (b. May 30,1817 in Sidman, PA to Frederick and Alice (Kendrick) Emigh & d. Jan 20,1903 in Humboldt, NE). Mary Ann d. Mar 7,1904 Humboldt, NE. Had 10 children, all born in Wilmore, PA, between 1838 and 1857. John, William, George, Thomas, Lawrence, Margaret, Jacob, Mary, Frederick, Peter.

Family of daughter Rosann: m. Michael Berry in about 1845.

The O'Cullens were bards. O'CULIN: "cuil", Ir., "a couch". "in", Ir, "little". Anglicized as O'Cullin, O'Cullen, Cullen and Cullin. This ancient family possessed land in Kerry under the O'Sullivans. A branch held land in the barony of KILCULLEN in county Kildare, and were chiefs of Coille-Cullin. Prior to the 13th cent. they held land around Glencullen in county Wicklow. Also were chiefs in portion of Tipperary and Limerick. (Pat Traynor, in California's gold-rush country.)

From: cullenpa***execpc.com
We are just starting to research our Great-grandfather Simon Cullen and will be going to SW Wisconsin later this week and then to Ireland later this month to see what we can find. We do know that Simon came to U.S. in 1850's from Co. Wicklow and we believe he may have settled initially in the Eastern U.S. before coming to Southeastern Wisconsin in the 1860's. It is our understanding that he had 2 wives. We have been told the first was named Honoria. The second was Hannah Webb who records show was born in New Jersey. That is why we suspect he initially settled in the eastern U.S. We did find him in the 1870 census data for Wisconsin and at that time his wife is listed as Hannah. He had a total of 10 children that we have found so far, but we do not know which are by which wife. We do know he was a lead miner here in Wisconsin. If anyone can give us any information on Hannah Webb or Simon Cullen we would be grateful. Also, will keep everyone informed of anything we find out while in Ireland.

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