This website represents my research of the Sartor surname with origins in Ohio and Germany.  Johann Baptist Sartor is the "root" ancestor of this research and an excerpt from Geschichte von Bitburg, an historical record of Bitburg, Germany, states that he resided in that city in the year 1718 and was an immigrant from the Graubunden Canton of Switzerland. In 1849 his great-great grandchildren Johann, Eva, and Louisa immigrated to the United States and settled in Sandusky, Ohio.  As was customary for the times, the following year of 1850, brothers Jacob and Matthias joined them there.  

In addition to the Sartor surname research, I have also included the files of the three associated surnames that are germane to my family unit.  These descendant files contain the surnames of Houk, Mullahy / Malahy, and Missig / Messig / Muessig with origins in Ohio, Germany, Switzerland, and Ireland.



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